Saturday, April 23, 2016

one+space. generating outward facing language for invitations

There is one planet we're fucking with, it's true
one story of history that all of us plug in to.
I have one body and one trip through time.
I recognize I'm only one of many perspectives.
And only one body, one family, one viewpoint from which to know.
And this space I'm making: it's only one.

I need space, I might say, and I come here.
Space to figure this out,
Space from the daily grind.
Space to honor, mourn.
Space to ask you to come talk with me.
Space to step in to-
This could be a different space.

one step removed
one missing piece
one key opens
one step at a time.

one question with a thousand answers.
One answer.
one phenomena,
unsynthesizably one for one
one to one, in conversation with you.
Please come to the ONE SPACE for humility and audaciousness
One more small act of heartbreak.  One space to articulate, and then to move on.

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